Welcome to Priory Court Community Centre


Priory Court Community Centre is managed by Waltham Forest Housing. The overall mission of Waltham Forest Housing is to:

Provide, manage and facilitate the best possible housing and housing services in Waltham Forest which meet the needs of all residents in the borough.

Waltham Forest Housing wants to improve the housing offer for all residents of the borough, whether they live in the private rented sector, aspire to own their home or move to more specialist accommodation, or are current and future tenants of social or affordable housing.

Our vision is that:

  • all residents of the borough are living in good quality and well managed homes
  • there are a range of homes in the borough which meet the needs of different groups in terms of tenure, type and affordability
  • residents are resilient and have the capacity to pay for and sustain their homes
  • our staff and services are well respected and viewed as professional and innovative by all of our stakeholders
  • value for money is at the heart of all that we do.

We recognise that the role of Waltham Forest Housing is not just to provide and manage homes. Homes that are provided must be suitable for different people’s needs, and the environment in which they live and their surroundings must enable them to enjoy their homes.

Equally, our role is to work with other teams within the Council to ensure residents are able to remain in and sustain their homes, whether that be through helping tenants to gain or improve their employment status, or through providing support to enable independence to be maintained.

Waltham Forest Housing is committed to playing a key role in helping the Council achieve its overall objectives. This involves working with other teams and partners to deliver objectives which require our input.

Priory Court Community Centre provides us with a base to deliver Community Investment programmes and also allows us to facilitate additional services and activities that benefit both our residents and the wider community.