About Us


Priory Court Community CentreWaltham Forest Housing manages the Priory Court Community Centre, a central focus in a quite isolated locality with high levels of poverty and deprivation.

The centre hosts a wide range of daytime, evening and weekend activities for adults and young people and is used by residents associations and other local groups.

The Centre provides a wide programme of community activities, developed with, and in response to, the needs of the local community which improves the quality of life of residents of Priory Court community and surrounding areas.

Providing access to sports, leisure, IT training, youth, employment advice and support, health and wellbeing projects, a successful volunteering programme and community events.

The Centre consists of a foyer, where information on services and activities are displayed, a staffed reception desk, a main hall with subsidiary rooms, kitchen, lounge and lounge area, an ICT suite, office and meeting space. Adjacent to the front entrance of the Centre is an outdoor kick about play area.

The Centre is open from 9:30am to 5:00pm staffed by Waltham Forest Housing and volunteers (with periodic late openings for youth programmes, residents meetings and other services) and is available for hire weekdays 9:30am to 10pm as well as Saturdays 10am to 11pm and Sundays 10am to 10:30pm. The Centre is fully accessible for disabled users.